Potential solutions for comfort, safety and security improvement 
in a driving vehicle.

Light Curtains are electroluminescent wire curtains which create ambience light in the small truck interior. Curtains are adjustable for preferred light conditions. The curtains emit more light when stretched.

Eco Driving Interface is an electroluminescent light pattern on the steering-wheel to inform the driver about his/her ecological driving performance. The pattern on the steering-wheel is connected to the electronic system in the vehicle which calculates the drivers ecological driving performance. This is a real-time interface which lights up according to the drivers actions.

Fatigue Detection Interface is a dynamic pattern to notify the driver about his/her physical condition. The thermo-chromic pattern on the dashboard changes into bright color when the driver gets tired or sleepy. The color change is activated by copper stickers connected to tachograph or to impairment warning system which can read driver’s eyes and detect driver’s drowsiness. The pattern changes in real-time according to the driver’s physical condition.

Designer: Marta Kisand

Ma thesis for Volvo Technology AB 



Sustainable car interior project for Toyota Boshoku Corporation.

Interior design is made for a small Toyota IQ city car. The interior textiles are inspired by traditional textiles from Okinawa island. Overall interior color palette is light to make the small interior visually more spacious, yet keeping darker shades for practical reasons. The main feature of the interior is a smart textile for the headliner.

Light Headliner is a textile made of conductive silver-plated yarn which is integrated into pattern and woven in stripes so that the LED’s can be inserted into the fabric. Geometrical pattern illuminates into irregular light pattern in the dark.

This headliner is soft and flexible textile, harmless to touch and no metal wires used. This makes the illuminating textile lightweight and easy to maintain which is important for automotive industry. The energy for the light is collected with the solar panels which are located on roof.

Design: Marta Kisand

Toyota Boshoku Corporation